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Welcome To:
Tampa Hair Straightening
Japanese Magic Hair Straightening
(MAKARIZO REBONDING, Liscio, Shisheido, Innosys etc...)
Brazilian Keratin Straightening
(Natura Keratin Headquarters etc...)

 For your hair straightening options
Please call for detail
813-731-6270 Andrew Kim

Long Distance Client From France
(Japanese Magic Straightening)

Long Distance Client From Naples
(Japanese Magic Straightening)

Local Client From Tampa & Brandon
(Japanese Magic Straightening)

Japanese Magic Straightening

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Long hair straightening specialist
Andrew Kim


 Andrew Kim 2004 to 2014
It has been 10 years since I moved from New York to the Tampa and Brandon area. 
Since my transition, I have tried to provide the utmost and finest hair service available in this city. 
I specialized in a market which at the time was nearly non-existent in
the highly complicated art of permanent hair straightening.
Over the years I have provided this service to many clients and over that time my techniques
and abilities have evolved to include my innovative invention,
SENSAER MetamoWave.
  This marvel of engineering has allowed me to provide a hair service
in time and efficiency that the beauty industry is unable to match at this time for my clients.
P.S.  It
s time to button up and roll them sleeves up again.
For thermal reconstruction hair straightening service only and
No hair cut service available.

High speed long hair dryer
No more shoulder pain




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High speed long hair dryer & processor




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